Ōmokoroa Settlers' Hall


Claudia began her Pilates journey in 2000. After graduation, she took a couple of years to travel around Brazil with a Pilates book so she could continue to learn about the specific Pilates techniques of breathing and the principals that govern the correct exercise executions. She returned to her native Chile in 2002, and utilising her Business Engineering degree, started her career in the banking field. As she was spending the majority of her time sitting behind a desk working on a computer, she joined Pilates classes during her lunch breaks. 

In 2008, Claudia made the decision to move to Australia to not only learn English but also to gain further Pilates knowledge as well as in-depth techniques. She achieved her first Pilates Certification in 2012; following this up in 2013 with a Pre and Post Natal Pilates Certificate (while pregnant with her second child) and in 2019, advanced her qualifications further with Pilates Rehabilitation – an area that Claudia is especially passionate about. This particular Course consisted of being able to master over 130 Pilates exercises across the full spectrum of apparatuses including: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector. Claudia uses this particular branch of Pilates to help her clients recover from injuries by teaching them motor learning and body awareness techniques.

The family settled to New Zealand in 2016, settling in the Omokoroa area (close to where her husband grew up). 

Claudia started teaching her Pilates Group Mat Classes (for men and ladies) at OSH in February 2017, starting with one Class a week, building to the present two Classes each week. Mat Pilates consists of low impact movements using your own body weight. Sessions also include basic Pilates equipment such as: resistance bands, circles, dumbbells, over balls, sticks, Swiss balls, foam rollers and massage balls. All forms of Pilates Mat work help with boosting movement, flexibility, blood circulation as well as overall body balance – this is what Joseph Pilates referred to as the “art and science of Contrology”.

In 2022, Claudia established her own Pilates Studio with Reformer apparatuses. These machines consists of a “carriage” which can be moved via a set of resistance springs; there is also a foot bar and straps which can be moved by a person’s arms or legs for assistance or resistance along with shoulder blocks for ensuring the correct head, neck and shoulder alignment.  

Reformer exercises facilitates the co-contraction of joints, stimulates mechanoreceptors (ie: muscles, spindle fibres, tendons and organs) plus enhances body awareness.

Claudia’s Classes are personalised and she is always happy to address her client’s individual needs. She also provides instructions on how a person can continue with certain necessary exercises in their own homes. Contact – email: claupilatesnz@gmail.com or 021 192 7706