Ōmokoroa Settlers' Hall

Hiring our halls – how to…


The key to the hall is accessed from a lock box. Instructions and code will be sent a day or two prior to the hire date.

The key fits the large hall’s kitchen door, found on the right hand side of the hall building. Once inside you can access the foyer and small hall and open these doors from inside, if required.

Setting up

If the other hall is in use, please consider your noise level.

Public speaking system by arrangement only.

Lectern in storeroom of large hall.

Heat pumps/air conditioners are activated by pressing the button next to (or under) the control panel, and then adjusted using the control panel itself.

The heat pumps will stay on for an hour before automatically switching off. If they are still running. when you leave, please press the button under the control panel to switch them off.

Trestle tables in store rooms of both halls.

Catering equipment

Ample amount of random mugs, plates and cutlery available.

Catering crockery, etc. is locked away and keys are provided by arrangement only.

  • Cups and saucers in right hand cupboard of bench with bifold opening
  • Mugs with small plates in second cupboard from side entrance door
  • Glasses for water/juice next to side entrance door.

The hall facility does not provide table linen.

All equipment is stored in cupboards – seek and you will find.


If your function includes the sale of alcohol, a special liquor licence must be obtained from the WBOPDC, in which case we provide a letter of consent. Please allow ample time for this process to be completed. Applications must be filed a minimum of 20 working days prior to the first event. The application form can be downloaded from the council website.

Clean up

If you’re planning to use a large amount of crockery, the steriliser will enable you to clean up quickly – each cycle takes 20 minutes.  If you’re planning to use it, turn the steriliser on along with the hot water cylinder in the cupboard next to it. The steriliser takes 20 minutes to be ready for use. Please rinse crockery and cutlery before sterilising. There’s a notice on the steriliser with more instructions.

Remove all waste to outside wheelie bin.

Dry mop the floor.

If necessary, wash floors with hot water and meths ONLY. Equipment in cleaning cupboard in small

Please only stack chairs back in fours; use the trolley, it is easier.

Please leave the hall as you found it, ready for the next party hiring the hall

Closing down and locking up

Check all lights are off, including those in store cupboards.

Check all doors and windows are locked.

Check speaker system is off, is locked in its cupboard and key hung back.

Put the key back into the lock box and secure it.