Ōmokoroa Settlers' Hall

OSH News Flash

It’s really never too early to think about Christmas!

We are delighted to provide you with this News Flash regarding the “Christmas Tree” Community Project instigated by Deb Bowden (one of our OSH Committee Members).

The Omokoroa Crochet and Crafters are now in the final stages of making FOUR Christmas Trees.

The Omokoroa Menz Shed was commissioned to make up two large and two smaller tree frames, and crocheters from near and far have been very busy making up granny/Peggy squares to cover these trees. All squares will be made into blankets after Christmas and given away to those who need them, so nothing will be wasted.

Funding was gained from Creative NZ and The Omokoroa Centre Trust to help cover costs.

At the end of November/early December there will be one large tree on display in the Omokoroa Settlers Hall foyer; the other large tree in the Omokoroa Library; one small tree in the Omokoroa Boat Club as well as one located in TOLO.

Due to the interest this project has gained, a weekly group meets on Saturdays from 9:15 until

11:45 AM at the Whakamarama Room under the Omokoroa Library for anyone wishing to come along, to hand in their creations, or to collect yarn. You can keep track of what this group is doing via the Omokoroa Crochet and Crafters Facebook Page.

Further Project Developments

Another Facebook Page has been started – BOP Random Acts of Crochet Kindness – this is where patterns are posted to make small crochet items which initially will be used to decorate the Christmas Trees and later given away as gifts.

This is a worldwide concept that Deb (quite rightly) thought would be a great addition for the Omokoroa Crochet Group to be involved with.

Thinking about Christmas 2024 has already started (perhaps reusing the tree frames with crochet flowers).

Anyone is welcome to join the crochet group – to learn how to crochet or help out. If you are interested or would like to offer sponsorship/donations, please contact: Deb Bowden: omokoroacrochet@gmail.com

This is an example of what one of the large trees may look like when finished – pretty spectacular!

Please feel free to forward to your Group Attendees.

You will also be able to follow this Community Project’s progress via our Website as well as our Facebook Page.

As always – your thoughts, comments and suggestions would be most welcome!